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        3. Hubei Yongchuang Intelligent Parking Equipment Co.,Ltd.
          The pursuit of smart parking technology, constant innovation and change!
          Brave Innovation,Devoted Service
          Strive for intelligent parking technology, continuous innovation and change
          Focus on environmental protection, respect and strictly implement relevant certification and international standards. We take seriously our responsibility to provide solutions that reduce energy consumption for our customers, and make the home we live in greener.
          We have a young, passionate and creative team with strong technical research and development, a long and rich experience in designing and producing high precision industrial electronic scales, and a team with more than seven years of experience and qualifications in steel structure design, production and installation.
          About Our Services
          In order to let users have a better parking experience, we are constantly trying to innovate and change
          Provide efficient service around the clock with efficient turnaround time
          First-class components ensure the highest levels of security and reliability
          Multi-function control device, bi-directional mutual design
          Professional service standards to ensure effective service results
          Built-in equipment high-end manufacturing, to ensure high quality
          Intelligent area guidance, convenient and fast parking